In response to our desire to satisfy our customer needs, we have developed a large number of customer-oriented products that are specifically designed to address a particular customer need, or of a specific industrial sector, such as the coloring of natural stone, fibers of vegetable origin, oils, imitation leather, polyurethane etc.
Cromatos is always available to identify the needs of the market and to develop new products together with its customers.


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Ludos are water based pigment dispersions with low viscosity, especially developed for mass and/or surface tinting of toys.

Cromafuel are selected dyes in liquid formulation especially developed for application in fuel and oils.

Cromalent S dyes are metal complex dyes soluble in most of the common solvents. They show bright and brilliant color, together with a good stability.

Detercrom are selected dyes for application in detergents and cleaners.

Nitor Fluo S9 products are high quality fluorescent pigments in powder form suitable for multi-purpose applications. Peculiar effects can be obtained thanks to their excellent bright colour and tinting strength.

Supreme K are metal complex liquid dyes especially conceived for dyeing and finishing leather.

Cromall are selected organic dyes suitable for aluminium anodization process. They are characterized by a good light, heat and acid fastness.

Policrom dyes are suitable for coloring polyurethane foams of polyester, polyethers and bicarboxylics, both casting and injection molded, cell-enclosed and open-cell foam, with aqueous and solvent-based expanding systems.

Pictasol are metal complex dyes dissolved in methyl-ethyl ketone or a mixture of MEK and a co-solvent. Thanks to the high solubility of those dyes, they are bright and brilliant even at low concentration and present a good stability of the solution.