Dyes for a colorful world.

Our company was founded in Forlì in 1991 by Alessandro Bosi together with four partners. In this way Cromatos was born, an Italian company based in Forlì, dedicated to the production, formulation and marketing of dyes, pigments and chemical products for industry.

The first Cromatos Head Office was established in 1992, with fewer than ten employees, dedicated mainly to the resale of chemical products for industry. The rapid growth of the business, and the increase in the number of customers, required the construction of a new Head Office in 1995.
The new building not only expanded the warehouse area, it also, more importantly, increased laboratory space and enhanced its functionality. At this time the number of laboratory technicians for the testing of incoming and finished materials was also increased.

During this period, in order to ensure continuity of supply of product and quality to customers, the need to establish reliable relationships with selected suppliers of raw materials was identified. For this reason, Cromatos decided to enter into two major joint ventures with production partners in China and India.

In 2005 the company turnover exceeded 10 million Euros and Cromatos was recognised as an established supplier in the field of industrial dyeing.
To provide its customers with more timely support in the textile field, in 2006 Cromatos founded the company “Ausicrom” in Prato, specialized in the field of auxiliary products, and in 2008 the company acquired “Chimica Tessile”, an historical company strongly linked to Prato’s textile dyeing industry.

In 2008, Cromatos opened a subsidiary in Sweden (“Cromatos Nordic AB”) to facilitate the sale of products dedicated to the northern European paper market; while in 2010 Cromatos acquired the company “Henkem Products”, based in Prato, specialized in the field of chemical auxiliaries.
In 2012 Cromatos celebrated it’s 20th anniversary, and in 2014 turnover of €27 million was reached, with more than 50 employees. On achieving this milestone Cromatos decided to begin a new challenge, starting the design of a new, bigger production site, which is scheduled for completion in Summer 2016.

In 2019 the company decided to invest in the heart of the largest leather industrial department in Europe, opening a branch in Montorso Vicentino.
Here highly qualified works closely with the tanneries to propose and promote increasingly innovative products, in compliance with high standards of quality and environmental sustainability.


With aims of efficiency, effectiveness and research, Cromatos has created a perfect workspace for the employees and friendly for the customers.


The R&D Lab has over the years become the “heart” and “brain” of the company.


The production area reduces the wastage of time and maximizes the flexibility.


Cromatos has environmental protection at heart and therefore has implemented a treatment line for all process water in order to recover 100% of the water and thus reduce its impact on the environment. In fact, the system, through various treatments such as evaporation, filtration and osmosis, allows at the end of the process, to completely separate the water (in the form of distilled water) from the small organic component that is disposed of as special waste. All the recovered water, on the other hand, is part of the production process, thus allowing processing with emissions close to zero.


We’ve completed the construction of an automated multiple deep warehouse with a very high storage density.


Discover Cromatos’ world of dyes and pigments.


Cromatos Management always aims at the best quality of the products.


Cromatos has increased the international business through its network.