The Cromatos Research & Development laboratory has over the years become the “heart” and “brain” of the company. Fifteen qualified technicians are employed in our laboratory , who take care of daily market challenges that our clients present to us. The research & development activity arises in fact from our customer’s need to have products that closely meet their dying expectations, both in terms of tone and affinity, on a wide variety of substrates.

In this way our R&D department has become more and more consistent over time, to reach an average of about 700 new formulations per year. In addition to the development of new formulations, the Cromatos R&D laboratory provides daily support to the ongoing production processes, conducting checks on raw materials (with approximately 2,500 tests per year), and quality control on each finished production batch (over 11,500 tests per year).

Due to the competence and professionalism that our technicians have gained in recent years, the Cromatos R&D laboratory has certainly become one of the strengths of our company. We, through our R&D activity, support our customers in the development of new formulations and in the application of dyes to new media, providing the necessary assistance in the production phase.
We are therefore well prepared to manage, together with our customers, the most ambitious challenges that the market offers.